What Lindy Focus Is ... and How to Enjoy It!

MUSIC & DANCING - There are incredible music performances every night and late into the night, so you can get a Dance Pass that gets you into all those. That's the most basic way to enjoy the event.

TRACK CLASSES - Also known as the "Camp Pass" option. If you buy this type of pass, you of course automatically get into the evening dances, but now you also participate in leveled group track classes during the day. Levels are split into 9 groups from beginner through master level dancer. Class material will be mostly Lindy Hop, but may contain trace amounts of solo Jazz and Charleston! Track classes are Dec 28th, 29th, and 31st only. Each level will have a total of 9 track classes spread throughout those days.

ADD-ON CLASSES - These are special-topics "one-off" classes that you can buy tickets for a-la-carte. This includes all Balboa classes, Blues, Tap, lots of Solo Jazz, St. Louis Shag, and various other amazing things the instructors have to offer which are outside of the "core" track curriculum. Add-On classes are available every day Dec 27th-31st during non-track class slots so you can sign up for these in addition to your track class Camp Pass or as part of your Dance Pass.

Hope that helps!