The best music

creates the best dancing

It's no secret that Lindy Focus puts music first. Our reasoning is very simple: the best music creates the best dancing. We hold nothing back in bringing you quite literally the best live music we believe it's possible to assemble.

It starts with the bandleaders, but continues with the individual musicians (each all-stars in their own right) and continues further with the music selection itself.

The full music schedule will be announced soon

But here are some exciting things to anticipate:

  • Jonathan Stout will return to lead five nights with his Lindy Focus All Star Orchestra.
  • Last year, we brought back the music of Chick Webb. This year, it's Jimmie Lunceford's turn. Stand by for more info about that project.
  • Late nights will feature some dramatic experimentation; we're bringing in some of our favorite trailblazing bandleaders from all over to take the mood and your dancing to whole new places!